descriptionCRIU user-space tool
ownerPavel Emelyanov
last changeThu, 17 Jul 2014 10:13:02 +0000
12 days ago Pavel Emelyanovcg: Merge two equal if-s into one master
12 days ago Pavel Emelyanovcg: Keep "/" in cgroup root paths
12 days ago Pavel Emelyanovcg: Trim proper prefix from ftw's path
13 days ago Andrew Vagincgroup: don't look up existing mount point
13 days ago Pavel Emelyanovcg: Don't walk cgroup tree when it's not required
2014-07-15 Pavel Emelyanovcg: Remove unused cgroup_dir field
2014-07-15 Pavel Emelyanovcg: Minus one string copy in collect_cgroups
2014-07-15 Pavel Emelyanovcg: Mark cgroup_contains as static
2014-07-15 Cyrill Gorcunovcgroups: Make sure the cgroup formatted correctly
2014-07-14 Tycho Andersencg: correctly detect co-mounted controller mount point
2014-07-14 Cyrill Gorcunovprotobuf: Cleanup typedefs a bit
2014-07-14 Pavel Emelyanovshow: Fix inet6 addresses showing
2014-07-14 Pavel Emelyanovshow: Rename loop index 'counter' into 'i'
2014-07-14 Pavel Emelyanovshow: Initialize field->count early
2014-07-14 Pavel Emelyanovshow: Merge fsize and show-fn getting switches
2014-07-11 Christopher... ZDTM build fixes
5 weeks ago v1.3-rc2
3 months ago v1.3-rc1
5 months ago v1.2 Live migration and performance
6 months ago v1.1 Have fun with plugins
6 months ago v1.1-rc2
6 months ago v1.1-rc1
8 months ago v1.0 First major release!
9 months ago v0.8 Version 0.8 release
10 months ago v0.7 Version 0.7 release
12 months ago v0.6 Version 0.6 release
14 months ago v0.5 Version 0.5 release
17 months ago v0.4 Version 0.4 release
19 months ago v0.3 Version 0.3 release
22 months ago v0.2 Version 0.2 release
2 years ago v0.1 Version 0.1 release
2 years ago init
12 days ago master
6 months ago p.haul