descriptionCRIU user-space tool
ownerPavel Emelyanov
last changeWed, 27 Aug 2014 11:06:21 +0000
9 hours ago Filipe Brandenburgerzdtm: fallback to mknod(/dev/ptmx) when CONFIG_DEVPTS_M... master
10 hours ago Saied KazemiUse --root instead of --aufs-root
27 hours ago Andrey Vaginzdtm: don't hide errors in cgroup02.hook
34 hours ago Andrey Vaginjenkins: exclude static/cgroups02 from the criu-dump...
35 hours ago Filipe Brandenburgerzdtm: add missing entries to zdtm .gitignore
35 hours ago Filipe Brandenburgerzdtm: sort .gitignore entries
35 hours ago Filipe Brandenburgertest: enhance library lookup when building mntns root
35 hours ago Filipe Brandenburgertest: replace use of pcre grep with awk
36 hours ago Pavel Emelyanovtest/cgroup02: Clean newroot dir from all controllers...
36 hours ago Andrey Vaginzdtm: fix compile errors of zdtm_ct
36 hours ago Andrew Vagincgroup: call fin_cgroup() on error paths
36 hours ago Andrew Vagincgroups: don't take into account a leading / for the...
36 hours ago Filipe Brandenburgercrtools: bump up the getopt return values to outside...
5 days ago Andrey Vagincriu: Drop redundant newline from pr_perror
5 days ago Pavel Emelyanovlibcriu: Add criu_add_cg_root() call
5 days ago Pavel Emelyanovrpc: Add "cgroup root" fields to criu_opts
2 months ago v1.3-rc2
4 months ago v1.3-rc1
5 months ago v1.2 Live migration and performance
6 months ago v1.1 Have fun with plugins
7 months ago v1.1-rc2
7 months ago v1.1-rc1
9 months ago v1.0 First major release!
10 months ago v0.8 Version 0.8 release
11 months ago v0.7 Version 0.7 release
13 months ago v0.6 Version 0.6 release
15 months ago v0.5 Version 0.5 release
18 months ago v0.4 Version 0.4 release
20 months ago v0.3 Version 0.3 release
23 months ago v0.2 Version 0.2 release
2 years ago v0.1 Version 0.1 release
2 years ago init
9 hours ago master
6 months ago p.haul