descriptionCRIU user-space tool
ownerPavel Emelyanov
last changeWed, 26 Nov 2014 19:30:00 +0000
2 days ago Andrey Vagintcp: don't fail if send eats only a part of data master
2 days ago Pavel Emelyanovpage server: Don't hide error from flush request
9 days ago vkonyashkinzdtm/inotify_system_nodel.c: need to print mask of...
9 days ago Cyrill Gorcunovcheck: Implement F_GETOWNER_UIDS
9 days ago Pavel Emelyanovmnt: Factor out find-mount-by-s_dev code
2014-11-14 Cyrill Gorcunovscripts: Exit early if no scripts passed
2014-11-13 Andrey Vaginzdtm: execute mntns_shared_bind* only if mnt_id is...
2014-11-12 Andrey Vaginzdtm: add a test to check non-root shared bind-mounts
2014-11-12 Andrey Vaginmount: rework can_mount_now() to support bind-mounts...
2014-11-12 Andrey Vaginmount: add the mnt_roots mount in the mount tree on...
2014-11-12 Pavel Emelyanovmount: Remove the len variable
2014-11-12 Pavel Emelyanovmount: Add helper for searching for shared peer
2014-11-12 Pavel Emelyanovmount: Sanitize the path recalculation between submounts
2014-11-12 Pavel Emelyanovmount: Use pre-calculated ct->mountpoint + t_mpnt_l...
2014-11-12 Pavel Emelyanovmount: Use issubpath() when checking for submount visib...
2014-11-12 Pavel Emelyanovmount: Move some variables out of search loop
2 months ago v1.3.1
2 months ago v1.3 Docker and LXC
5 months ago v1.3-rc2
7 months ago v1.3-rc1
9 months ago v1.2 Live migration and performance
10 months ago v1.1 Have fun with plugins
10 months ago v1.1-rc2
10 months ago v1.1-rc1
12 months ago v1.0 First major release!
13 months ago v0.8 Version 0.8 release
14 months ago v0.7 Version 0.7 release
16 months ago v0.6 Version 0.6 release
18 months ago v0.5 Version 0.5 release
21 months ago v0.4 Version 0.4 release
23 months ago v0.3 Version 0.3 release
2 years ago v0.2 Version 0.2 release
2 days ago master
8 weeks ago br-1.3-stable
10 months ago p.haul