descriptionCRIU user-space tool
ownerPavel Emelyanov
last changeThu, 24 Apr 2014 07:55:40 +0000
6 hours ago Andrey Vaginzdtm: check mnt_id in /proc/PID/fdinfo/X master
25 hours ago Pavel Emelyanovmnt: Get ns temp root path once when collecting data...
25 hours ago Pavel Emelyanovzdtm: Add testing of irmap cache generation
27 hours ago Andrey Vaginns: initialize nsid in rst_add_ns_id
29 hours ago Pavel Emelyanovmnt: Factor out mntns nsid creation on restore
29 hours ago Pavel Emelyanovmnt: Add comment why we need criu's mntns mounts for...
39 hours ago Pavel Emelyanovfiles: Check for for mount to exist only once
39 hours ago Pavel Emelyanovunix: Get ns root fd only once.
39 hours ago Pavel Emelyanovmnt: Add comments on tricky places
40 hours ago Pavel Emelyanovmnt: Sanitize prepare_mnt_ns nsids loop
40 hours ago Pavel Emelyanovmnt: Turn mntns_get_root_fd into accepting mnt ns_id
40 hours ago Pavel Emelyanovremap: Keep nsid on remap rollback, not the ns' pid
40 hours ago Pavel EmelyanovRevert "mnt: Merge two calls to collect_mntinfo on...
41 hours ago Pavel Emelyanovmnt: Rename _collect_root into _get_root_fd
42 hours ago Andrey Vaginmount: remove extra calls of mntns_collect_root()
42 hours ago Pavel Emelyanovrst: Don't lookup ns if current mntns is the same as...
8 weeks ago v1.2 Live migration and performance
2 months ago v1.1 Have fun with plugins
3 months ago v1.1-rc2
3 months ago v1.1-rc1
4 months ago v1.0 First major release!
6 months ago v0.8 Version 0.8 release
7 months ago v0.7 Version 0.7 release
9 months ago v0.6 Version 0.6 release
11 months ago v0.5 Version 0.5 release
14 months ago v0.4 Version 0.4 release
16 months ago v0.3 Version 0.3 release
19 months ago v0.2 Version 0.2 release
21 months ago v0.1 Version 0.1 release
2 years ago init
6 hours ago master
2 months ago p.haul